About Us - Principal's Message

Army Goodwill School, Balapur is constantly engaged in imparting quality education enhancing knowledge and skills of its students. It is our sincere endeavour to provide value based education and whole some development through a host of well planned activities and healthy influence of qualified teachers. We preach moral values and religious tolerance so that they grow up as honest and upright citizens of this proud Nation.  Our primary endeavor is to realise the creativity and talent in our students and enable our scholars to develop skills, realise their potential and achieve their personal aims.

Our teachers realise the importance and need to walk that extra step in order to coach, guide and even mentor our students.  The entire staff is committed to establishing a milieu that is nurturing and supportive, where learning takes place with respect, responsibility and pride. We lay special emphasis on the development of courage, decency and self-confidence together with tolerance of other viewpoints. As a result, our students become independent and develop the confidence to meet the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly changing world.